Do you have a large media collection of Films and TV programmes?
Do you find it hard keeping it organised?
Do you want integration into MythTV?
Do you want access from any device?
Do you want access from any device?

Then this might be the web application for you….

The Library App was designed to allow you to take control of your media and give you a clean and informative interface.


The highlights include:

  • Automatic import from a dedicated folder or a RSS feed.
  • Matches TV shows based on the file name and moves the media file to the correct directory structure, based around name and season.
  • Download metadata and images from The TVDB and TMDB to be displayed in the frontend or exported to MythTV.
  • Add to MythTV with one click
  • Search by name, release date or genre.
  • Displays in any web browser and the layout automatically resizes if used on a phone, so no need for a magnifying glass!


The Library App was created in 2009 using the latest technology, such as:


The main components used are:

  • Java EE 6: We are using jsp files based around JSTL and custom tags to generate the HTML 5/CSS 3 web pages.
  • Spring 3.0: The Spring framework offers so much to a developer! We have used it to simplify development, defining our MVC using the MVC framework, allowing injection of our objects into servlets using the Spring container and IOC, and lastly for transaction management.
  • Hibernate 3.3.2: Makes database access a dream, modelling the database in objects in a snap! Then access the database programmatically, it speeds up access and development of a database driven project. We use the criteria queries mainly, with a few HQL and native SQL statements thrown in the mix when things get complicated!
  • Maven: Maven makes getting libraries and updates so easy, why shouldn’t we use it!
  • MySQL 5.5: The defacto Open Source database, need we say more!
  • Tomcat 7: This all runs on the Tomcat 7 application server, and utilises the JDBC transaction pool, to manage all those connections to the database.
  • Git: A great versioning system that just works and is great when you are developing from different locations on different machines.


The front end is generated from the server, delivered as HTML5/CSS3 web pages for viewing in any modern browser and on any modern device. JQuery is used to speed up development, such as using AJAX to communicate to the server receiving JSON data.


If you want more information about the Library web application, please contact us.