OpenText StreamServe

We have been working with OpenText for 8 years and we have an excellent relationship with the Professional Services department. We have been involved with many customers, both as consultancy and behind the scenes, but the major project has been Shell. We even have an award to show for our efforts!

Shell Energy Europe and Shell Trading and Shipping Company

Shell Energy Europe had embarked on replacing their bespoke systems across Europe with SAP in 2005. OpenText StreamServe was chosen as their document output system, to take the customer information from SAP and produce all the customer facing documentation. These documents included invoices, offers, contracts, reports, dunning letters to name a few. We have also moved onto different SAP systems, mainframe and bespoke applications, feeding data into StreamServe to reduce costs of printing or to replace costly applications by converting the data or running database updates.

Since the start we have rolled out OpenText StreamServe to 10 countries over Europe and North America, and we are still going!

Our work has involved at Shell has covered:

  • Project management.
  • Designed the landscape that OpenText StreamServe lives in, defining the interfaces over which the data is transferred.
  • Creating specifications with the business stake holders.
  • Training internal staff in OpenText StreamServe for maintanence.
  • Development using OpenText StreamServe
  • Support of the live projects within Shell.
  • Presenting StreamServe to new areas of Shell, finding out where they can saving money by reducing their printing costs or reducing the hours that the business spends producing documents for their customers.
Collecting the Global Star Award at Content World 2011
Collecting the Global Star Award at Content World 2011

During our work at Shell we were awarded the OpenText Global Star award in 2011, for creating one of the largest StreamServe implementations in the world!


  • OpenText StreamServe v4 & v5.
  • Installed on Windows and AIX.
  • CVS for source control.
  • Java plugins.
  • UNIX scripting to ease maintence.

OpenText Training

We have created bespoke training for StreamServe based around the UNIX environment and Java for customers.