Are you a small business that has to log your accounts, time and expenses?
Do you need to invoice?
Do you need to generate reports for your customers about the time and expenses incurred?
Do you want to do this all automatically, from whatever device you want?

Then our Scheduler web application may well interest you… please read on!

Scheduler was designed as a convient application to log all your accounts, time and expenses and export that data as a PDF or Excel Report at a click of a button.


The highlights include:

  • Define client companies and the projects running at each client, to be included on invoices.
  • Enter your bank accounts to keep track of your finances, and generate Excel reports for your accountants.
  • Enter your accounts, expense or time sheet data manually in the web interface, or import it from a spreadsheet.
  • Generate invoices using the time sheet and expense data at a click of a button.


The Library App was created in 2006 using the latest technology, such as:


The main components used are:

  • Java EE 5: We are using jsp files based around JSTL and custom tags to generate the HTML/CSS web pages.
  • Apache POI: Easily create beautiful Excel spreadsheets using Java, why keep all that data in a web page when you can email a spreadsheet?
  • Maven: Maven makes getting libraries and updates so easy, why shouldn’t we use it!
  • MySQL 5.5: The defacto Open Source database, need we say more!
  • Tomcat 7: This all runs on the Tomcat 7 application server, and utilises the JDBC transaction pool, to manage all those connections to the database.
  • StreamServe – Got some data and want to create a great looking document then StreamServe is a great choice. Development is quick and easy and you can create and email invoices with a click of a button!


The front end is generated from the server, delivered as HTML/CSS web pages for viewing in any modern browser and on any modern device. JQuery is used to speed up development, such as using AJAX to communicate to the server receiving JSON data.


If you want more information about the Scheduler web application, please contact us.