StreamServe extensions

OpenText StreamServe has a lot going for it and there is plenty it can do, but there are a few missing pieces.

Have you ever wanted to:

  • Read in data from an Excel spreasheet.
  • Output data in a formatted Excel spreadsheet.
  • Read from, or output to a SFTP server.
  • Read from a read only FTP server with a memory of which files have been processed.

Shell Energy Europe did, so we created some Java plugins for StreamServe to do the above!


The highlights include:

  • The plugins are configurable from the OpenText StreamServe Design Center, so no further knowledge of Java is required.
  • The plugins are just normal input and output connectors, so easy to design to.


  • Java based plugin: This calls the Apache POI
  • Apache POI: Easily create beautiful Excel spreadsheets using Java, why keep all that data in a database when you can create a spreadsheet?
  • Apache Commons VFS: A must have library when you connect to SFTP and FTP servers!
  • Maven: Maven makes getting libraries and updates so easy, why shouldn’t we use it!


If you want more information about our OpenText StreamServe extensions, please contact us.