XML to Excel Converter

Do you have data that you want in an Excel spreadsheet for the business to view and analyse?
Do you want the business to manage the format of the excel file?

If so then we have a converter that may interest you!

Our XML to Excel Converter is a bit different. The process is as follows:

  • Create an Excel “template” which contains all of the formatting and add in the place holder tags for the data. This can also contain formulas pointing to the tags and multiple worksheets.
  • Generate the XML from your source system, which contains the data, the tags and data types.
  • Run the XML to Excel Converter and it creates a new Excel Spreadsheet, merging the template and the data, resulting in a fully populated formatted spreadsheet!


The highlights include:

  • The application can monitor a directory, be run as a one off instance or called from OpenText StreamServe.
  • The template Excel spreadsheet can be modified by a user, therefore reducing IT support time.
  • Highly configurable by modifying the source XML file sent from the source system.


  • Java based import engine: This reads in the data, queries the internal database for the route information and outputs the sorted data.
  • Apache POI: Easily create beautiful Excel spreadsheets using Java, why keep all that data in a database when you can create a spreadsheet?
  • Maven: Maven makes getting libraries and updates so easy, why shouldn’t we use it!
  • Git: A great versioning system that just works and is great when you are developing from different locations on different machines.


If you want more information about the XML to Excel Converter, please contact us.